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St. Lucian Weddings, Honeymoons and Anniversaries

Saint Luciais the perfect destination forCaribbeanweddings and honeymoons. The natural beauty of thisCaribbeantropical island seems created for romantics. Palm fringed beaches, elegant old plantation houses, the soft tropical air, hypnotic steel band music, and the tantalizing aroma of the cuisine, all combined, make weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries popular onSaint Lucia. Wonderful climate, astounding beauty and friendly islanders makeSaint Luciasimply perfect, simply beautiful for your special wedding day.


Enjoy a simultaneous, side-by-side massage in a seaside hut with fragrant oils scented of the tropics, or better yet, learn the secrets of a couples massage as you explore ancient techniques with your loved one. Many of the island’s award winning spas recognized for being among theCaribbean’s best.


A sunset cruise, champagne on a moonlit beach, a private tour aboard a yacht, lunch for two at a cozy cove beneath the Pitons all sizzle with romance and are just the beginning of the many romantic activities to be enjoyed onSaint Luciawhere the tropical beauty alone radiates passion. There are so many reasons to visit Honeymoons, weddings, anniversaries or just make up an occasion to bask in the romance.


What can be more romantic than a beach wedding on a perfect strand of white sand with the soft music of waves accentuated by the rustle of swaying palm branches, all under the clear blue of theCaribbeansky? Enjoy a horseback ride to a picturesque beach, dismount, get married, toast with chilled champagne, nibble on a beautifully decorated cake and then ride back. Alternatively, if you like the horse idea, but prefer not to ride, how about a quaint ride in a flower strewn horse drawn carriage to the beautifully landscaped gardens ofPigeonIsland. Rent a yacht for the special occasion and then sail into the sunset. Not adventurous enough: Scuba divers known to take the plunge amidst the underwater wonders of theCaribbean Sea. Mountain bike to the top of the expert tinker’s trail and exchange vows while applauding the achievement of getting there. End a hike to the tiptop of piton in an exchange of vows surrounded by the most impressive panoramic views, or how about the rhythmic whirl of helicopter blades as the background music with the mountain ranges of Saint Lucia stretching up to join the celebration.


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