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Barbados top 10 romantic sites

Thinking of going to Barbados for your honeymoon? Below are 10 reasons why Barbados is an unforgettable honeymoon paradise.

1) Crane Beach is the ultimate picture perfect beach. Its rugged cliffs, sparkling waters and pink hued sands are the ideal spot for a champagne picnic for two.
2) Foul Bay combines dramatic crashing Atlantic waves with a deserted beach. Add a picnic blanket, a splash of rum Punch and your love one and you have the recipe for a perfect romantic afternoon.
3) Bottom Bay enjoy the cool breeze moving trough the coconut palms, recline and enjoy a good book or take a stroll and explore bottom bay’s overhanging cliff and cave.
4) Flower Forest lush garden forest is rife with vivid flowers and blooms from all over the world
5) Akin to a castle escape to nature, and enjoy the welcoming shade of the trees as you take in the dramatic scenery
6) Sandy Lane Spa is the ultimate in relaxation and self indulgence fronted by a spectacular waterfall, cascading into its own free form swimming pool
7) Cliff Restaurant terraced into a Cliffside coves embrace with flamed torches extending the sunsets lingering glow
8) Welchman Hall gully enjoy a walk through this shady tropical paradise couple with rustling bamboo and infamous green monkeys
9) Graeme Hall this natural oasis is a haven for wildlife love birds will be rewarded with walk through aviaries and red and white mangroves
10) Bathsheba Picnic unique rock formations from an ancient coral reef make for a protected cove with the backdrops of rolling hills and gullies.


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