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“Yes I do” But only in Queretaro

  1. Queretaro has enviable spaces from baroque temples to neo-classic houses, from colonial cities to picturesque towns; spaces that will give your celebration an air of sumptuousness. It is a state of vice regal and baroque scenarios that have been surrounded by the glamour of the modern and the global tendencies; luxury hotels, colonial houses, majestic haciendas, baroque churches and huge country estates and gardens that create a refined and cozy environment for an unforgettable wedding, an elegant event with a Mexican taste.

Eleven reasons to say “I do” and get married in Queretaro:

  1. San Antonio La Galera Hacienda – A Hacienda of the end of the XVII century where the dancing halls are Antique granIaries which now count with the necessary equipment for your wedding. The chapel, which conserves the charm of the original facade, and the sumptuous gardens, create a unique environment.
  2.  Brisas Hacienda Jurica Hotel – A magnificent option for a romantic and unforgettable wedding. This ex hacienda of the XVI century, beautifully restored, has a chapel, spacious patios and gardens for this special day. In addition, it is well known for its cuisine and its excellent service.
  3.  Hacienda La Venta Hotel – A one and only combination of modernity and tradition in a majestic hacienda of the XVI century. Its luxury facilities with gardens and a bullring, and an avant-garde service promise a wedding like no other.
  4.  Hacienda Mision La Muralla Hotel – Revive the Mexican Revolution and enjoy a different wedding in a thematic hotel. It is a beautiful hacienda of the XVIII century, where Mexican history comes to life surrounded by the tranquility of the country.
  5.  Villa Antigua Hotel – In this hotel, details make the difference. Its gardens are the ideal place for a celebration, and with the planning experience, the organization and the meticulous coordination in the service, your wedding will be a memorable event.
  6.  El Risco – Have a wedding in a country and tureen environment. The vivid gardens are combined with lakes and waterfalls. It has what it takes to create an unforgettable event, with an area for children and a chapel.
  7.  Hacienda Santa Catarina – In a subtle combination of Antique and modern, this hacienda offers an ideal place for your wedding. The view and the contact with nature create an extraordinary environment, equipped for a celebration of 1,000 guests.
  8.  Balvanera Polo & Golf Resort Club – Enjoy a country celebration in an equestrian club with magnificent gardens and terraces, next to a lake with extended and wooded green areas. You can organize your wedding here, just 10 minutes far from the city of Queretaro.
  9.  Provincia Juriquilla Club – In an exclusive residential zone, a magic wooded place is found. It offers an esplanade and gardens. It counts with the attraction of a Sevillian style bullring and all the necessary services for a one of a kind wedding.
  10.  Rancho El 7 Hotel – An elegant style, offers you majestic terraces, a bullring, beautiful gardens and a chapel were a sophisticate wedding can take place.
  11.  La Troje Garden – Ideal for an exclusive wedding in a country environment without the need of going too far. It counts with an extended area with magnificent gardens, a chapel and all the other services.



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