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The Islands of Puerto Rico

Only in these islands of the Caribbean can you combine the best of both worlds, slick modern America and laid back romantic Spain. Stay on the beach, explore the mountains or dance all night and sail all day. It’s always better with the right company.

Imagine cool tropical breezes coming off the ocean as your family and friends join you for an intimate ceremony on the beach; and a spectacular Caribbean sunset lights up the sky. Puerto Rico has over 250 beaches, the only thing missing? You and your special someone; Experience an unforgettable wedding at Club Seabourne in the island of Culebra, a place where phones do not ring. Where the only current that runs is that of the sea, and where time moves at your own pace. Featuring sweeping Spanish Colonial architecture and elegant design, Hotel El Convento is the ideal destination for unparalleled ceremonies, and a place where memories are made.

If you yearn for a romantic escape to a tropical Caribbean island paradise, your quest has ended. Hix island house rewards you with a luxurious retreat amidst rustic Zen-like architectural elegance. In the romantic setting of a Caribbean coconut plantation nestled between a lush rainforest and the sparkling sea, embrace elegant tropical luxury and their iconic butler service, perfected at the St Regis Bahia Beach Resort Puerto Rico.


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