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Secrets of a hidden Caribbean island

3858Island is a romantic word in any language. Almost everyone has dreamed of getting off to an island hideaway. But most of us never do it, and with good reason. Genuine hideaways, with all the advantages of remoteness, usually also have all the disadvantages of remoteness: they are hard to reach and they lack the services and amenities necessary for sustained tranquility. And non-genuine hideaways with jet airports, planned activities and urban night life tend to reproduce the very frenzy you’re trying to escape.

Petit St. Vincent is different; this small privately owned island is the resort. Nothing else is here. Almost totally surrounded by white sand beaches, the island abounds with natural beauty and offers the serenity in which to enjoy it. They provide personal, attentive service and good food and drink the comforts of civility without the discomforts of urban civilization.

Over its varied terrain 22 private cottages are scattered some on hillsides, some set into the sides of cliffs, some right on the beach. All locations offer spectacular views, privacy, and proximity to beaches and facilities. The cottages are spacious and open with terracotta floors and peaked ceilings made from Purple Heart hardwood. Each has a living room, a bedroom; flower gardens surround a wooden sundeck with a hammock perfect the lounging, floor to ceiling glass doors slide open, bringing the outside inside.

Is Petit St. Vincent for everyone? No. But it’s for more people than you might think. Their guests are not loners; Just people who like themselves and each other, and the beauty of nature unspoiled but accessible. That is probably why they like them so much! This is just as well, because they keep coming back and you will too. Petit St. Vincent is a private island for private people.


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