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Top Ten Reasons to Marry in Aruba

auabr_phototour128• Aruba’s romantic environment of sunset-lit beaches and private beach coves has long endeared the island as a honeymoon destination. Now both the celebration of the honeymoon destination as well as the actual wedding ceremony and reception can also take place on the island. As one of the hot spots for both weddings and honeymoons in the Caribbean, couples seeking romance in Aruba find they come away with their fair share of memorable moments to accompany the wedding and honeymoon photos that will soon be uploaded to favorite social website to share with family and friends.

• An average rainfall of less than 20 inches a year, an average daytime temperature of 82 degrees with low humidity, a location away from the path of hurricanes; and the constant cooling influence of the trade winds.

• A long history of hospitality pervades the local culture, with island residents offering a warm smile and welcome to visitors.

• Accommodations on the island range from renowned names in high rise resorts with all the amenities, to the more intimate environs of low-rise and boutique hotels; the type of resort experience you choose is up to you!

• Aruba offers a cosmopolitan air and all the comforts of home, while still retaining its small town charm.

• Pristine landscapes and historical sites abound, especially in Arikok National Park

• Gourmet adventures available with the island featuring international chefs specializing in several different types of cuisines. Aruba is home to over 100 fine restaurant choices.

• Aruba is a shopper’s paradise. Numerous shops specialize in luxury watches, designer clothing, scents and jewelry.

• Aruba allows you to do exactly what you want to do. With so many choices, you can pursue your favorite activities or simply luxuriate in doing nothing at all.

• Seven miles of white sandy beaches have put Aruba in a class by itself.


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