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Will you, Marry Me?

skbrb_phototour22Sitting on a beach chair, your toes tickling the sand, a glass of rum punch in one hand and the other entwined with your loves, not a thought in sight. But round about the third punch, an idea began to tickle at you. Oh you think as it dawns on you. You know what could have made this honeymoon even better? We could have gotten married here. St. Kitts and Nevis are a seventh heaven for honeymooners, but they’re also a paradise for brides. From newly engaged to blissfully married, the islands are a gorgeous backdrop for this memorable occasion.

Picture this. You walk down old stone steps from the Great House and along perfectly manicured lawns at Ottley’s, a 17th century plantation home, towards your friends and family who are seated under the red bougainvillea. You gaze towards the horizon and out to the deep blue sea, the sky perfectly lit by the warm, Caribbean sun and the trade winds tickling the leaves of the feather palms and your eye catches something even more beautiful, you’re beloved. Or, stand barefoot in the golden sand at Christophe Harbour or Spice Mill, the waves lapping inches away and began a new life with your best friends pampered and happy after their spa day of manis, pedis, facials and hair styling at your side. The waves, the sand, the sun and the sea truly make you wish the rest of your days were as beautiful as this one.

Perhaps the groom would like to married on the 18th hole at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis or at the golf club at Royal St. Kitts Golf Club. Maybe he wants something historic. Hold the ceremony on the rooftop of Brimstone Hill, an 18th century fortress that sits 800 feet above sea level. Or the Botantial Gardens of Nevis. Or one of the lovely plantation homes there.

It’s not just a wedding day, it’s a party week. Have friends arrive early and stay late. From dancing til the wee hours at Frigate Bay to spa treatments, snorkel, snuba and catamaran trips and luscious dinners served seaside, St. Kitts and Nevis are tailor made for weddings and honeymoons.


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